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Jim R's Story

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A high quality of life is very important to Jim Riviello who resides in Ocean City, NJ with his wife Jean. The loving couple, who have been married 60 years, are devoted parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. “Life with the family is so much fun,” Jim says.

Although Jim quit smoking about 25 years ago, the residual effects continued to impact Jim’s life. “I was out of breath when walking up a hill, I couldn’t enjoy an afternoon of golfing and I couldn’t keep up with my family during an outing. I thought it was time to see a doctor to learn some answers,” Jim recalls.

At Jean’s suggestion Jim turned to Temple University. Jim made an appointment with Gerald J. Criner, MD, Chair and Professor of Thoracic Medicine and Surgery at Temple Lung Center.  “Dr. Criner is very professional and a very, very good doctor. Dr. Criner diagnosed me with COPD, emphysema, and also asbestosis. From that time on, I have been under his care,” Jim says.  “Dr. Criner found the right medication program for me. I really thank him so much because he gave me my quality of life back,” Jim says.

Jim said he can now better enjoy his days and appreciates Dr. Criner’s continued commitment to his care. “Now I’m able to walk up a hill without losing my breath. I enjoy my golf game. I go fishing, walk in the sand. I never could have done that before. But now I can do it thanks Dr. Criner and his staff,” Jim continues.

RivielloFor over 20 years, Jim, who is now 83, has been treated by Temple Lung Center. “They are very professional. They know what they’re doing. And I’m thankful that have my quality of life back,” Jim shares.

Jim says he wholeheartedly recommends Temple Lung Center because the specialists were able to diagnose his medical issues, prescribe the correct medicines and manage his case effectively. “I’m breathing as well as anybody else,” adds Jim. “Temple Lung Center doctors are experts in taking care of people. They’re very professional and I think they did a heck of a job for me. And like I said now I enjoy my quality of life that I didn’t enjoy before.”