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Bob's Story

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Bob and his wife, Lori, were busy enjoying life when he began having problems breathing. The couple, who enjoyed traveling, browsing yard sales and taking walks together, had a life change during the first half of 2015 when these activities became increasingly difficult as Bob’s breathing condition worsened.   

The Carlisle, PA, resident initially sought the treatment of a local pulmonologist. That July, a local doctor performed a lung resection and Bob was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF).

As a follow-up, Bob said several medications were prescribed to help. “I had tried different inhalers and medications,” he recalls. “After the medication was unsuccessful, I was referred to the Temple Lung Center.

His first appointment at Temple was in August 2015. “It was becoming a dire situation because my illness was progressing,” he says. From Lori’s vantage point, seeing Bob’s health decline was hard to watch. “It was heartbreaking and traumatic, to watch his health deteriorate rapidly” she recalls. 

During this same time, Bob was dependent on portable oxygen to breathe and was listed for lung transplantation. 

In October, Bob received the call that changed his life. He would be receiving the lung transplant that would allow for his new beginning.

As Bob’s rock and partner, Lori said she appreciated the way the surgeons explained what was going to happen. “I had never heard of anybody having a lung transplant. So, we were going in blind and feeling hopeless and it just gave us some comfort and strength and faith that we could get through this with their help.”

Bob says since his lung transplant, life is good. “My life is 100 percent different and better,” he shares. 

His wife Lori agrees. “There's no comparison with the quality of life,” she says. 

Bob says everything about his life is better now. “We can travel, enjoy flea markets, and socialize with friends. I feel confident and happy,” he shares. Bob gets emotional when discussing his lung transplant team. “I'm totally impressed with their research. We love the people at Temple. It's rare to walk in a hospital and feel comfortable, but we do at Temple,” he says.

What Bob says he’s most thankful for are just regular things, like being able to enjoy a walk. “I can actually walk with no oxygen. I’m oxygen-free. No tubes on me,” he says. Now, with improved health, Lori and Bob are back to enjoying what they love: spending time together. For Bob, he can now return to his favorite hobby, which is fishing. Lori expresses gratitude that her husband is well. “Bob is an easy-going, very nice man. He will help anybody; give them the shirt off his back. And, thanks to the Temple Lung Center, he’s healthy again.” Bob mentions, “One of the best things is showing people with IPF and their families that there is hope. They are amazed to see someone that had a double lung transplant walking and talking with no oxygen!”