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Sarcoidosis Support Group

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Temple University Hospital — Main Campus
3401 N. Broad Street
Erny Auditorium
Philadelphia, PA, 19140

Participants can also join via Microsoft Teams

Join Our Sarcoidosis Support Group

We are currently offering this support group both in-person and virtually. To attend virtually, click 'register' below. Please contact Tanya Bronzell-Wydner, CRNP, Temple Lung Center, at 267-838-2664 or [email protected] with any questions or concerns about joining the group.


Sarcoidosis is a complex disease that can involve multiple organs in the body, and can be difficult for patients who suffer from it as there is no cure. A support group can provide a way for patients and their family members to share experiences, emotions and knowledge. Connecting patients in this way can also lead to advances in research as we strive to better understand this disease.

Our Sarcoidosis Support Group offers members the chance to share their experience, ask questions, and learn more about how this condition may affect different organ systems from Temple experts. Patients and their caregivers many also benefit from learning lifestyle tips about managing their sarcoidosis long-term. Many who attend are comforted by the knowledge they are not alone.

Why Attend?

  • Meet others living with Sarcoidosis
  • Ask questions of our pulmonary specialists
  • Guest speakers
  • Join conveniently from your phone, tablet, or computer