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Philadelphia Legal Assistance Workshop Series: Taxpayer Support

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Frazier Family Coalition for Stroke Education and Prevention
1300 W. Lehigh Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19132

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The Taxpayer Support Clinic at Philadelphia Legal Assistance assists low-income taxpayers in Philadelphia who have disputes with the IRS. We assist individuals who have been audited for various reasons, including for claiming their kids, or who owe taxes but need to get into a collection alternative, among other issues. One of our focuses is challenging individuals’ worker misclassification: when a taxpayer is misclassified by their employer as an “independent contractor,” even though they are really an employee, and thus could be on the hook for more taxes than they should be. Join PLA tax attorney Omeed Firouzi on December 27th at 2 p.m. to learn more.

The Frazier Family Coalition for Stroke Education and Prevention is partnering with Philadelphia Legal Assistance (PLA) to share civil legal aid information to reduce stress and foster health equity. PLA advocates will provide basic legal information related to PLA’s services. To receive personalized legal advice or representation from PLA, you must determine your eligibility for services by filling out an intake form online at philalegal.org/apply or by calling one of PLA’s three hotlines.

  • General Intake Hotline: 215-981-3800
  • Family Law Hotline: 215-981-3838
  • Save Your Home Philly Hotline: 215-334-HOME (4663)

This FREE program is offered by the Frazier Family Coalition for Stroke Education and Prevention.